June 10, 2009


Heaven. Wouldn’t you like to be there? Just remember this –

Girl trio:

White Swan cigarettes will make you rave

They’ll open up your path to an early grave


White Swan. White Swan cigarettes. Now available in radium-resistant cartons. When last we left our adventure starring Miss Gloria Swanson as plucky polar explorer Sylvia Thorpe, our heroine had just buried her ice pick in the cranium of a polar bear. Subsequently … (music) … (music fade) … (sound of raging wind)


If I can … There! … Whew! That ice pick was really in there, wasn’t it? You might save me yet, Mr. Polar Bear. I’ll slit … you … like … uh … uh … there. Now to crawl inside. I’ll ride out the storm snug in your warmth. Funny, this is right where you wanted me to be. You and I just had a little difference of opinion as to how I was to get here. Yeah, just a little difference of opinion. (chuckles) (music)


Meanwhile, back at base …



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