June 17, 2009

Universal Disagreement

Two universes were arguing about a third universe, an acquaintance of theirs, while they waited in the diner for their orders to arrive.

“I say she is,” said the tall universe.

“I say she isn’t,” replied the blocky universe.



“What’s the problem, gents?” asked the waitress universe as with an expertise born of long practice she deftly slid the large platters of dark matter onto the table.

“Harry here says Eunice isn’t collapsing. I say she is. What do you think, Marge?” asked the tall universe of the waitress he’d known for it seemed like forever.

“Well, boys, she was in here recently about a billion years ago, and I’d have to say from all the bitching and moaning she did, she was definitely at that time of eon. In collapse, for sure.”

“Ha, told you!” said the tall universe, triumphant.

“All right. So you told me. Whoop de doo,” grumped the blocky universe, stabbing at his dark matter with a forked comet.

Moral: Never argue with a tall universe.

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