July 4, 2009
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After the Battle

B. Tipton Stallworthy surveyed his domain with great satisfaction. He stood on the highest round roof turret of the keep and took in the view all around. Vast sky, distant mountains, nearby thickness of woods, each of these he examined in turn with a victor’s pride. A scuff of boot and a clearing of throat made him turn to the stairwell.

“Eminence,” growled the bowing toady.

“Yes, what is it?” asked B. Tipton Stallworthy.

“The bodies, Eminence. What is to be done with them?”

B. Tipton Stallworthy glanced down at the hillside strewn with the torn dead bodies of elves and princesses. He smiled and raised a tentacle to his brow eye.

“Eat what you can and leave the rest to rot. The smell will do us all good,” he said.


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