October 3, 2009

Question of the Day

Why is Life Worth Living?

Answer of the Day


Maria Callas and Rembrandt van Rijn and William Shakespeare and Ingmar Bergman and Johnny Carson and Rene Magritte and James Joyce and Giacomo Puccini and Dorothy Parker and Anita Loos and Anton Chekhov and Fred Astaire and Akira Kurosawa and Stella Gibbons and Joyce Cary and James Agee and Paul Cezanne and Virginia Woolf and Marcel Duchamp and Georges Perec and Maurice Ravel and Sid Caesar and Eduard Manet and Nathanael West and Wolfgang Mozart and Robert Benchley and George Orwell and Henri Matisse and Lewis Carroll and James Thurber and Ludwig van Beethoven and Orson Welles and Richard Pryor and John Ford and Samuel Beckett and Thomas Mann and Federico Fellini and Mary Pickford and Herman Melville and Mark Twain and H. Rider Haggard and Buck Owens and Albert Payson Terhune and Walt Disney and Theodore Geisel and Gene Kelly and Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy and Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II and Patsy Cline and Jack Webb and Sergey Prokofiev and Sir Arthur Sullivan and Sir William Gilbert and Tammy Wynette and Igor Stravinsky and Charles Dickens and Groucho Marx and D. H. Lawrence and Alfred Hitchcock and Machiko Kyo and Brother Theodore and Roy Orbison and Robert Louis Stevenson and Zero Mostel and R. D. Blackmore and Joseph Conrad and Judy Garland in Oz, just to mention a few.

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