November 1, 2009

The Vampire and the School Custodian

Two vampire bats engaged in a heated discussion with a school custodian. Count Dracula looked on, amused. When the bats, mocked beyond endurance by the school custodian, suddenly produced a couple of shivs, the count decided enough was enough and intervened.

“Fellow, fellows, forgive and forget … Forget … I say … Forget,” hypnotically chanted the count, raising his cape to cover the lower half of his face and freezing the bats comatose with his blazing red dead eyes.

Seizing the opportunity, the school custodian quickly unwrapped a loaf of sliced rye bread, extracted two pieces of same, tossed both bats onto one slice, squeezed some mustard and mayo on the other, slammed the pieces together, and loudly, with much moaning, consumed the bat sandwich.

“Very well, I’ve done my good deed for the day,” commented the count before turning himself into an industrial planner and strolling away.

The school custodian saluted smartly.

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