December 1, 2009

The Lone Caribou and the Ghost of the Hindenberg

A lone caribou, in search of closure, swam to Hawaii, trotted along various beaches for a while, experienced only disappointment, and decided to swim back home to Santa Fe, New Mexico. One night on the return trip, the caribou clashed metaphorical horns and fell into a silly battle of words with the ghost of the great blimp Hindenberg.

“Get out of my way, fatso! You got no business here!” snarled the caribou, breaststroking through the chaparral.

“Scheisskopf!” retorted the ghost of the Hindenberg, bursting into flames, lollipops, and little metal frog clickers.

“Airbag!” shouted the caribou, submerging beneath the desert with powerful fin kicks.

Moral: Kids, don’t do drugs.

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