January 31, 2010

The Buckwheat Pancake and the Fox

The buckwheat pancake, after escaping the pursuit of the astonished cook, rolled to a stop at the edge of a lake and looked out with a modest stirring of passion at a comely little island there.

“Oh, what a splendid island! I long to get to it in the worst way,” said the buckwheat pancake.

“I can help you,” said a fox, springing nimbly from nearby undergrowth. “Sit on my nose and I’ll swim you across.”

“Well now, that surely would be the worst way to get there, wouldn’t it? On the nose of a fox. What are you waiting for? Come on. Let’s do it!” said the buckwheat pancake.

The fox grinned at the ease with which he had secured an unexpected snack. It was his final grin. Had he been alive a few moments later, he would have been surprised to find himself fashioned into a sort of a raft and being oared toward the island. But he wasn’t alive.

Moral: Always be wary of sentient foodstuffs.

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