September 30, 2010

The Fake Cow and the Cobra

Being made of synthetic leather, the fake cow found it difficult to demonstrate sincerity. So one day when her friend, the cobra, loomed up from the basket and said, “Are my beady eyes really scary?”, the fake cow knew cobra was merely fishing for a compliment.

“Oh, yeah, really scary. I’m like totally scared,” answered the fake cow, not comprehending at all the mockery in her own utterance.

The cobra, taking quite a lot of umbrage, struck. The cow, however, being fake, suffered no damage whatsoever, and, truth to tell, added to the cobra’s mortification by stating, “Oh, now I’m in for it. I guess I’m dead. I should lie down. Right? (yawn).”

Moral: When your best friend is a fake cow, twitching syndrome is at hand.


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