December 6, 2010

At the turn of the 20th century, a rogue bandit roamed the streets, alleys, canyons, and beaches of Los Angeles and its surrounding environs. His name was ‘Streetcar’ Livermore. Now, to be sure, ‘Streetcar’ was merely a nickname earned through Livermore’s habit of pointing out passing streetcars to victims as he robbed them. “Hand me … oh, look, a streetcar … your valuables,” he often said. His drunken father had suggested the name Roger when ‘Streetcar’ was born in a Nebraskan hovel in 1880. His saintly mother, a wee lass from the smoothest part of Galway, overruled her mate, however, and her baffled husband was seen to stagger outside and mutter, “Streetboat? Is that even a name?”

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