February 3, 2011

Bertie: Oh, Jeeves.

Jeeves: Sir?

Bertie: I’ve been running the old brain a race, and frankly, Jeeves, I’m stumped.

Jeeves: Might I inquire in what regard, sir?

Bertie: It’s kudus and impalas, Jeeves, kudus and impalas. Can’t keep ’em straight. What’s the blasted difference between a kudu and an impala?

Jeeves: An impala, sir, is a large brownish African antelope that in the male has slender lyrate horns, whereas the kudu, in contrast, is a large grayish brown African antelope with large annulated spirally twisted horns.

Bertie: Thank you, Jeeves, and you really do think I should keep this two day growth of beard for the part?

Jeeves: Trust me, sir.

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