March 7, 2011

Marsha descended the ruined stairs and disappeared through an invisible curtain into the Zone of Illusion. There she confronted her deepest fear, a disembodied body wearing the uniform of a Napoleonic mouse. Surviving this encounter with most of her limbs in tact, she hopped to the Mall of Illusion and thought she purchased a bucket of cow removal equipment, but it turned out to be an unfrocked priest. Peckish, she ordered french fries at the Fast Food of Illusion and burned her tongue when she was served french fires instead. Still willing to live there forever, she asked a bartending apricot where she could find gelato. When informed that gelato was banned in the Zone of Illusion, she left in a huff, parked it near the invisible curtain, and returned with some disappointment to this dimension, where, thank God, we still have gelato.

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