November 7, 2011

Remember in ‘The Birds’ when the crows begin to settle on the jungle gym next to the school house a few at a time and then the camera follows a single crow flying in and landing on the now teeming with crows structure? The loon recently witnessed something similar, but with leaves instead of crows, and …

… ran for his life when minutes after this second photo was taken the leaves flew from the fence in an angry cloud and attacked the unfortunate loon, cutting at his face with their serrated edges. Fortunately, the loon flung himself into the safety of a nearby bicycle repair shop, from where he was able to watch the leaves race off down the street in pursuit of a local realtor. When the coast was clear, the loon returned to base and reported the incident to his triffid. Triffy nodded and said, “So it begins. Worry not, you’ll be safe if you stick close to me and continue to act the sort of sap you are, but a bit more plantlike.” Taking the advice to heart, the loon has grafted a triffid leaf to his forehead and issues this warning. “Graft. Graft for life, I tell you!”

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