November 14, 2011

Acting on directions supplied by the loon’s own triffid, the loon visited and chatted with this loner incognito triffid a few weeks ago. It was staked out as this comely rose in front of a house likely to attract a wealth of succulent trick-or-treaters. The loon scanned the papers for the next few days and decided that there was a giant government coverup or that the triffid had changed its plans. A subsequent walk to the site revealed nothing to the loon. The loner incognito triffid disguised as a comely rose was, of course, no longer there. A later interview with the loon’s own triffid produced a wry smile, a chuckle, and a bemused “No comment”.  The loon has wisely made no further inquiries. He made one enquiry, though, and it came to nothing.

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