March 26, 2012

He’s that globe looking cactus dealie at the lower right. His name, 6fge5i8jn5tfe3, translates to Ron in English. And yes, your eyes deceive you not. Those are tribbles at the lower left. Maintained by the triffids in suspended animation, they have been hauled here to be reanimated and released when the actual triffid world dominance takeover begins. It might surprise you to know that the Royal Bodyguardians are not the formidable looking cacti in the photo, but cunningly enough are those little yellow blossoms. Go ahead. Try kicking the Crown Prince and see what happens. Better yet, refrain. I’m sure you’d rather not become a viscous semi-liquid lifeless mass. Or maybe you would. It takes all kinds, I suppose. Anyhoo, Crown Prince Ron of the Triffid Empire. There he is.

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