September 24, 2012

Loon: Finally! They brought me somebody worth my time for this week’s 3 question interview. It’s none other than Walt Disney, and boy, do I have some things I’ve wanted cleared up about the whole Disney thing. Welcome, Walt, and getting right down to business, is it true you had a guy calling himself Ub Iwerks working for you?

Walt: It certainly is.

Loon: Come on. Ub Iwerks? Really? What was this guy’s real name? It had to be Dave Murphy or something, right?

Walt: No. Wrong. Ub Iwerks was …

Loon: Walt, Walt, Walt. Wait a minute. You mean to tell me you’re going to transparently float there and swear it’s true that this turkey’s name was Ub Iwerks. Are you really going to stick with that probable tissue of lie?

Walt: Certainly.

Loon: That’s 3 questions. Thanks, Walt Disney, if in fact that was YOUR real name. Join me next week when I once again probe the depths of the great beyond.

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