October 24, 2012
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Loon: So when is the great takeover going to happen?

Cyclops triffid: Wouldn’t you like to know, pathetic puny earthling?

Loon: Yes.

Cyclops triffid: Mwahaha, then I’ll give you a few warning signs to watch for. When you hear about a dense avalanche of icicles battering Solvang, when you notice the moon bursting apart into flaming shards, when the skin on your hands begins to crawl away,  when all trees everywhere leap straight up into space, then you may be assured that the takeover is imminent.

Loon: What does ‘imminent’ mean?

Cyclops triffid: It means WE’RE GETTING READY TO RUMBLE!!

Loon: Oh.

2 Responses to “CYCLOPS TRIFFID”

  1. *Shields eyes* Quick, Doc, offer him Visine or something…

  2. Imagine my surprise when this frightening dude turned up next to his more mellow bro in my garden.

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