November 11, 2012

Loon: I pleaded with the lords of the 6th dimension not to send me any sports people. I don’t know or care anything about sports. So of course they send me this person I’m informed was a baseball player. Great. Oh, well. At least I only have to ask three questions. So your name’s Ty Cobb, is it?

Ty Cobb’s ghost: What do you think?

Loon: Me? Nothing. I think nothing. So you try to do something with a ball and a piece of wood. Is that it?

Ty Cobb’s ghost: You’d best not be casting aspersions on my chosen profession, sir. I give you fair warning. I will cut your legs.

Loon: Wait a minute. I’m sure baseball is very good. I just don’t know anything about it. I’m willing to learn. Why play it at all?

Ty Cobb’s ghost: Revenge.

Loon: Byeeee. (races from room)

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