December 25, 2012

The festivities were well under way. The Punch bowls sloshed. Conversation clattered and banged and rustled. The Lemon Drop was passed out drunk in the kitchen and in danger of being stepped on by the staggering reindeer. The Pool Cue splashed giggling from one end to the other, spitting a stream of water toward the diving board at the completion of each lap. When out of nowhere, the uninvited leaves descended, ascended and crashed through the walls and into the midst of the revelry, knocking it speechless.

“Make way for the Queen!” shouted a leaf with a curl of a snarl at its edge.

Enter Regal Red, rage quivering.

“Wherefore was I not invited to this … this …,” she sputtered.

“Putrid mess?” offered a minion leaf.

“Disgusting rancidity?” offered another.

“… party?” finally finished Her Royal Enragedness.

Tiny Tim, local Loan Shark, swam forward and said, “Queenie, it’s all about the big finish. We knew you’d crash us with your gang, so we held back the pick of the day old shrimp in your honor.”

Well, push come to shove, when all was said and done, believe it or not, The Leaf Queen bought it, and general mayhem was avoided … for the moment.

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