January 13, 2013

Loon: I can only do what I can do when they bring me people I’m not too sure I’ve ever heard of for the 3 question interview. The Lords of the 4th Dimension delivered the weekly scrap of paper, and written on it was ‘mahatma gandhi’. I had no clue. But now that the apparition is floating here in front of me, I think I know what to ask. Tell me, sir, what do you think of Kipling? And let me just say that the interview will be terminated if you say you’ve never kippled.

Mahatma Gandhi’s ghost: Ah, Kipling. I believe that, given the opportunity, he might have made a splendid footman.

Loon: And along those lines, who else would have made a splendid footman?

Mahatma Gandhi’s ghost: Clark Gable, I do truly believe, would have been most popular with house parlor maids.

Loon: I agree. And finally, what is your favorite swim stroke?

Mahatma Gandhi’s ghost: I have always had a particular fondness for the meditative aspects of a soothing side stroke.

Loon: Thank you, and good day.

Mahatma Gandhi’s ghost: The pleasure was partially mine.

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