May 26, 2013

Loon: What luck! I happen to be an expert on the life of today’s celebrity ghost, Harry Houdini. Mr. Houdini, or should I say Erich Weiss, is here to undergo the 3 question interview. Mr. Houdini, do you now believe that there is an afterlife?

Houdini’s ghost: Yes, and you needn’t call me Mr. Houdini. Oh Great Master will be fine.

Loon: Oh Great Master, what’s the best thing you’ve ever eaten since you died?

Houdini’s ghost: I would say … a popsicle. Yes, a popsicle, a red one.

Loon: And finally, Oh Great Master, is there one thing you’d like to tell all of us while you’ve got the chance?

Houdini: Sure. Why not? Let’s see. Oh, yes. Be kind to horses, but don’t trust them with your money.

Loon: Thank you, Oh Great Master.Words we should all live by.

(Houdini’s ghost sails off. The Loon is left alone, grinning.)

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