July 10, 2013

Seated on a bale of hay in the midst of downtown traffic, Spoon Beck, the imaginary tree clown, mused. He directed his musing at Darwin’s elephant. The snarl of traffic and the policemen clubbing him with magic fish disturbed him not in the least. Darwin’s elephant? Another matter entirely. How, he mused, had a simple imaginary tree clown like himself been hoodwinked by the immense charm of Charles Darwin? How had he been willing to pay good money for, to put it plainly, an elephant? Well, no way around it, nothing else to do. He stood up, instructed the elephant to pick up the bale of hay, asked the policemen nicely to please stop hitting him with fish, and paraded off to the warehouse on the pier. There he gained access to a barge and buried himself in garbage. Darwin’s elephant tossed the bale of hay way up high on top of the great pile of rubbish and hurried off to make his report to an eagerly waiting Darwin.

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