January 4, 2014

the happy target strangulation girls

When sisters Minnie and Helen Cloverdale founded their secret society, The Target and Strangulation Club, little did they realize the sort of journey on which they had embarked. For lo, a multi-billionaire strolling along the sidewalk adjacent to the Cloverdale home spied the satin costumed sisters as they conducted a meeting perched in their treehouse. Inquiring as to what they were about, the wealthy fellow received the following information: “Nuts to you!” Chuckling at the siblings’ audacity, the rich industrialist, for that’s what he was, sped to his nearest mansion, had a minion discover the identity of the sisters, and subsequently wrote the girls a check for three quarters of a billion dollars. This naturally encouraged Minnie and Helen no end. They spent the rest of their lives smiling and in costume.

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