January 5, 2014
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Loon: I hardly know what to do with today’s subject for the 3 Question Interview. A hairy beast some 10 feet tall is right now staring at me and muttering I don’t know what, but frankly it doesn’t seem to be all that friendly. Yeti, is your hair white because you’re old, or were you always thusly endowed?

Yeti’s ghost: To tell you the truth, I don’t recall. You look tasty. What flavor are you?

Loon (edging away): No flavor at all. Tasteless. What’s your favorite flavor?

Yeti’s ghost (musing, claw at chin): That’s a real poser. Some days I like something in the butterscotch line. Other days I favor coffee. Or blood.

Loon (nervous): I like coffee, too. Coffee is very good. I have coffee. Lots of it. Would you like a cup?

Yeti’s ghost: A cup? Are you implying that I would be satisfied with A SINGLE CUP?!!!! AARRRGHHH!!!!! BLOOOOD!!!!

Loon (fleeing): Byeeeee.

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