January 28, 2014

Campbell’s eyes rolled from their sockets every midnight and ventured forth to terrorize London. Top hat jaunty and cape fluttering, Campbell’s eyes spun madly along the fog-shrouded streets. Drunken harlots and flocks of salvation mendicants flung themselves in terror from the oncoming surge of Campbell’s eyes. Sweeping in to a brew house, Campbell’s eyes demanded service and quickly or else. Quaffing specially prepared foul ale from glass tankards and hurling the empties to shatter on the hearth, Campbell’s eyes dared any of the wretched vermin huddling in the shadows to defy them. Receiving in response to their challenge not a thing save silent quivering, Campbell’s eyes slammed from the brew house and raged home to reoccupy Campbell’s eye sockets before he had to wake up and prepare breakfast for his wife if he didn’t want any trouble. And he didn’t. Want any trouble, that is.

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