April 24, 2016

Loon: For the 3 question interview the Lords of the 4th Dimension have selected a presidential ghost today. And so I am pleased to welcome Mr. John Quincy Adams, who I am assured was once a President of the United States. My Sovereign Liege President, your middle name is also a city in Massachusetts, is it not?

Ghost of John Quincy Adams: It is.

Loon: I thought as much. Would I be presuming too personal a note were I to address you henceforth as JQ?

Ghost of John Quincy Adams: You may please yourself, sir.

Loon: Thank you. So, finally, JQ, I am told that horses were involved in all manner of conveyance in ancient times such as those wherein you resided. Is this true?

Ghost of John Quincy Adams: Yes.

Loon (beaming): Thank you for your time, JQ.

The ghost of John Quincy Adams levitates from the room.

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