July 11, 2017

The niceberg decided to move to Antarctica. It crafted the route of its sojourn carefully so as to avoid accidentally sinking any ships. Off it sailed.

‘Look out. I’m an iceberg on my way to Antarctica, and if you are within the sound of my voice, be aware of my approach and take the necessary precautions. I wouldn’t want any sort of an accident to occur,’ shouted the niceberg at regular intervals.

‘Hey, berg, what’s your deal?’ asked a curious orca who happened to be passing by.

‘I’m moving to Antarctica. Won’t you join me? I could watch you frolic and offer praise,’ said the niceberg.

‘Thanks, but no thanks. I’m married to a polar bear,’ replied the orca.

So the niceberg, unaccompanied, floated carefully along until it reached Antarctica. It made many friends and was so nice Global Warming didn’t even have the heart to melt it. And when the rest of the world was a cinder, the niceberg thrived.

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