July 13, 2017

The pebble and the blade of grass engaged in a lengthy discussion concerning continental drift. As the pebble ardently emphasized a particular theory, it was interrupted mid-sentence when a stone bounded over the hill and rolled by. Taking advantage of the pebble’s sudden pause, the blade of grass spoke up.

‘There’s that stone again, rolling like it always does. Now why does it do that? Roll so much, I mean,’ said the blade of grass.

‘Oh, never mind. It gathers moss and pond scum and I don’t know what all from the pond over the way. Ignore it. As I was saying …’ the pebble resumed.

The pebble talked on and on. The blade of grass longed for the stone to return from the pond covered in moss, slime or what have you. Perhaps then the pebble might might be able to seize the chance to get a word in edgewise. But the stone never returned. Apparently it gathered no moss.

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