July 16, 2017

Loon: The Lords of the 4th Dimension in their wisdom have sent to us for the 3 Question Interview a chimpanzee. I am told it was a movie star named Chita in something called Tar Zone or Tar Man. Tell me, Chita, did you ever operate the camera yourself when shooting those movies?

Chita’s ghost: Not per se, but I did assist in blocking some scenes and helping Weissmuller learn his lines.

Loon: Do you like bananas?

Chita’s ghost: Have you always been a racist?

Loon: Huh? Err … finally, do you prefer silk or gabardine?

Chita’s ghost: Silk for romance, gabardine for workaday garb.

Loon: Thank you, Mr. Monkey.

(As Loon exits, Chita’s ghost throws trash at him.)

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