July 26, 2017

The girl in the lemon yellow dress left the party to step out onto the balcony for a moment so that she might somehow bring calm to her wildly chaotic mind and, in so doing, fully comprehend the recent event.  She gazed across the 25 story plummet to the balcony opposite, where she saw a girl in a lemon yellow dress leaning on the railing and returning her gaze.

‘Did you do it?’ called the leaning girl.

This simple question called from one balcony to another instantly swept chaos away into the night. The girl in the lemon yellow dress calmed, shoulders dropping, jaw relaxing. Her eyes glistened. A modest smile traced her lips.

‘Yes, I did,’ she answered.

The girl on the balcony opposite nodded once and retreated into darkness without another word or glance.

‘Oh, here you are. No one can find Reggie. Do you know where he is?’ said the party’s host, stepping out onto the balcony.

The girl in the lemon yellow dress turned. The modest smile tracing her lips remained in place.


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