August 7, 2017

After the 5th divorce, he began to wonder if something might be wrong with him. Looking in the mirror, he noticed that his head was a clubbed featureless stump. That might be it, he decided. However, in spite of his appearance and his less than stellar relationship history, he was seeing a new woman. She peered down at him from the ceiling. He slapped his face twice, hard, and she disappeared. He felt as if every knife in the house was a tooth sloughed from a demon shark’s horrid maw. He was late for work. When he arrived at the office all atremble, his co-workers greeted him with wary smiles. They hadn’t seen him in years. His coffee mug had been removed from the shelf in the break room. He broke down and wept, realizing for the first time how much he had loved that coffee mug. Inconsolable, he took up knitting. Things were better after that, but not much.

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