August 27, 2017

Loon: The Lords of the 4th Dimension have produced for this week’s 3 Question Interview Robin Hood, a man who needs no introduction. And so, without further ado, I introduce him as a raconteur and archery diva with the first question. Mr. Hood, in the olden days of which you are a member, who held the world record for the 100 yard dash?

Robin Hood’s Ghost: I can assure you that it wasn’t Friar Tuck.

Loon: That wasn’t the question. Who was it?

Robin Hood’s Ghost: I admit I do not know, and furthermore, do not care.

Loon: Finally, did you ever construct a tambourine and play it by banging it on your head?

Robin Hood’s Ghost: Yes.

Loon: Thank you and good-bye.

(Loon bows. Robin raises bow and selects an arrow from his quiver, pauses, decides not to shoot Loon. Disappears instead.)

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