September 3, 2017

Loon: It’s going to be quite a task for me to figure out who this ghost delivered to us for the 3 Question Interview is. The Lords of the 4th Dimension have hurried off shouting ‘Eli Whitney cotton gin’ for whatever help that will be. Mr. Whitney, I myself am not a drinking man, so I’m sure you’ll excuse my lack of knowledge about spirits other than, of course, ghosts. Your clothes suggest to me an earlier century. That being the case, may I ask you what century you inhabited?

Whitney’s ghost: Yes, you may.

Loon: Thank you. Which century did you inhabit?

Whitney’s ghost: The 18th and the 19th.

Loon: Are you telling me you lived 200 years?

Whitney’s ghost: No, sir, I am not.

Loon: Oh, how I wish I had a fourth question to clear up this mystery, but I don’t. So good-bye, mysterious ghost.

(Loon leaves room. Eli Whitney’s ghost pulls a dirk from his waistcoat and leaps high in the air to disappear while laughing maniacally.)

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