September 13, 2017

The clowns entered the dining room. Names neatly printed on discs above the salad forks at each place setting guided them to their assigned seats. They stood solemnly behind their chairs until Baffy, president pro-tem, indicated that they should be seated. Rollo and Ducky were invited to stand and recite the pledge. They did so. Soup was served and consumed in careful silence. Efficient footmen cleared the bowls and soup spoons, replacing them swiftly with plates of single miniature tomatoes on single lettuce leafs representing salad. No one even so much as thought of using the tomato in any untoward display of vulgarity. Night droned on. The main course was soberly consumed, as was the dessert. No spirits of any kind were served. Tumblers of water were the only quenchers of thirst available, and these were sipped modestly in reverent silence. The after dinner speaker, Jocko, was welcomed with completely subdued enthusiasm, and his carefully delivered lecture was well received by his dry eyed unsmiling behind painted smiles audience. Baffy then called for the meeting to be closed, and the clowns filed out of the dining room, retrieved their funny hats, and dispersed throughout the city. They attacked at dawn.

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