October 1, 2017

Loon: You could have knocked me over with a crowbar when the Lords of the 4th Dimension informed me that today’s guest for the 3 Question Interview was to be Superman. And sure enough, he’s here. I didn’t even know he was dead. Superman, why are you dead?

Superman’s ghost: Everybody dies. I died. Get over it.

Loon: I’m over it. I don’t even care that much. The only comic books I read starred Little Lulu. She’s probably dead, too. Do you know her?

Superman’s ghost: Yeah, I know her. We dated some back in the day.

Loon: You seem different than the way you talk in movies. Are you different from  the way you talk in movies?

Superman’s ghost: It’s called acting. Look it up.

(Superman’s ghost stalks off, pointedly not flying. Loon sits on the couch, picks up a glossy magazine from the end table, and begins idly flipping through its pages.)

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