December 5, 2017

Millard Fenwick, Quail at Law, ended his summation with an emphatic plume nod. The judge instructed the jury and sent them into seclusion to deliberate. Returning almost before they left, the jury forebird announced a verdict of not guilty. Millard Fenwick, Quail at Law, gave one triumphant plume nod to his client and hurried off to invite Daisy, his one true love, to join him for lunch, preening as best he could in order to effect the most handsome and well-groomed version of himself possible. And later, when Millard Fenwick, Quail at Law, presented a proposal of marriage accompanied by no fewer than 18 plume nods, Daisy, a discerning and practical robin, allowed as how the proposition was not totally abhorrent to her. In fact, she nodded yes, and they lived happily ever after for most of the time.

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