January 14, 2018

Loon: It’s not often that the Lords of the 4th Dimension honor us with the ghost of a fictional character. So today I am proud to welcome to the 3 Question Interview Lorna Doone, who I am assured is a fictional character. Madame Doone, what do you look for in a cookie?

Lorna Doone’s ghost: I undertake the majority of kitchen tasks myself.

Loon: What do you look for in general?

Lorna Doone’s ghost: I prefer my lovers to be at least 20 stones in weight and a full head higher than any other fellow in the general populace. Generals I care for not in the least.

Loon: In your century was it considered polite to punch a man in the face?

Lorna Doone’s ghost: Of course not, you dankish, boil-brained clack-dish. (storms off in high dudgeon)

(Loon smiles weakly.)

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