October 31, 2017

A lone hill, a substantial bump on the otherwise flat prairie, overlooked the town. A barrier fence of barbed wire circled the hill. It was hardly needed, for no resident of the town ever dared to consider for a moment setting so much as a boot toe on the hill’s flank. Terror of the hill […]



October 24, 2017

The great brick castle on the hill wore a mantle of magic ivy. In winter the leaves were white. In summer and spring they were green. In autumn they blushed red as red. The people at their labors in the village and fields below paused from time to time to gaze with pride at the […]



October 11, 2017

‘Where’s my slender trident? I distinctly remember leaving it leaning against the shed. Is it leaning against the shed? No, it is not leaning against the shed. So where is it? I’m looking at you, Bernard,’ said the witch. ‘Look at me all you want. I know nothing about the silly trident,’ replied the raven, […]



September 23, 2017

Euphonia Gasp stormed into the witch’s cottage and flung a worn out shoe against the wall. Then she flung another worn out shoe against the other wall. The witch glanced up from her sewing and smiled. ‘I take it you haven’t succeeded in finding White Mountain,’ said the witch. ‘No. There’s no such thing. You […]



September 18, 2017

‘I’m going,’ said Tenwillett. ‘Some fool has to get the supplies, and it might as well be me.’ ‘You mustn’t,’ said Lila, but not forcefully. The rest of the dregs trapped in the cabin averted their gazes to contemplate the warped floor of the hastily built shack. Outside, the wind howled. A sneer curled a […]



September 4, 2017

Once in a land lost long ago, the royal family despaired. Each of the fourteen regal sons of the regal lord and regal lady had failed to free the land from the shackles of enchantment which rendered the land’s every living creature clumsy. Constantly heard were cries of ‘Sorry about that’ and ‘Whoops’, not to […]



August 28, 2017

The display of jewels twinkled on top of the square cut board. The baker’s assistant nervously shifted her weight from foot to foot. And why not? She had won the right to select one jewel by winning the hopping race, outstripping by a good margin all the other assistants in the flung far and wide […]



July 17, 2017

“I must have the finest of red bricks and the most binding of gray mortar to build my giant cube,” said the Queen. And so it came to pass that a monstrous cube of bricks, fair dwarfing the palace, towered above the city. Plague followed drought followed war, and devastation ruled. The city became abandoned […]



June 5, 2017

Long ago in the Realm of Flowers a pumpkin grew to be huge, orange, and rotten. It rolled and bounced viciously around the garden wreaking havoc. Its cruel laughter rang all the day throughout the realm. The flowers, at a loss for what to do, held a secret meeting late at night in the old […]



May 23, 2017

When Deems Strobing walked to the end of the pier, he expected to look down and see water. The shock he received was as if a bowl of lightning had been flung in his face. For it happened that upon looking down, he saw a sea of sand. Dry sand. Desert sand. ‘No! It can’t […]