May 22, 2016

Loon: For today’s 3 Question Interview, the Lords of the 4th Dimension have brought a mountain man named Hugh Glass who crawled a long way after fighting a bear. Mr. Glass, was the stench of the bear’s breath almost unbearable?

Ghost of Hugh Glass: There might be some truth in that, though I weren’t busy noticing at the time, and to my way of thinking, a bear’s breath is usually bearable, a bear being a bear.

Loon: I see. As you crawled day after day toward your salvation, did you pause to note the beauty of your surroundings and take heart from them?

Ghost of Hugh Glass: Can’t say as I did.

Loon: A pity. And finally, what is our favorite color?

Ghost of Hugh Glass: I’m kind of partial to cornflower blue.

Loon (beaming): Thank you, Mr. Glass.

Ghost of Hugh Glass: Gratified. (fades away)

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