February 20, 2018

Having no tarps to mend, four tarpmenders sat around a table playing cards. The door flashed open. Little Alice stuck her head inside and said, “The porcupines are wearing pants. They invited me to join their dance.” She pulled her head back and slammed the door. The tarpmenders looked at one another, shrugged, and returned […]



February 6, 2018

You feel safe. The bunker bristles with armaments. You occupy the protection room of the underground vault. Enough supplies to last 8 years stack up high enough to blanket the walls. The trapdoor entrance to the escape tunnel is marked with an X visible only when you wear the special glasses. The danger siren sounds. […]



February 4, 2018

Tom gathered his belongings and bounded into the night. Tossing garments left and right, he skipped directly into the river. His laugh of triumph snuffed, he gained the satisfaction of peacefully drowning. His body rotated like a torpedo in the swift current. Back in his room, the crumpled scrap of paper revealed its sad message. […]



January 24, 2018

The bold clam, ignoring threats of bi-valve harm, pushed past the guards into the squadron leader’s office. Not about to take no for an answer, it hurled itself at the squadron leader’s neck, causing the surprised officer to swallow his gum. Taking charge, the bold clam ordered the gagging squadron leader to leave the office […]



January 2, 2018

The last orange pulsing ember of hope strangled to white frozen death. Lifeless crooked sticks marred the smooth blue chill outside the mesh of his cell. The moon gazed with cold indifference. No sneer. No frown. Cold indifference. Metal click and slide of tray. His dinner had arrived. The thick slab of roast beef was […]



December 26, 2017

My new middle grade fairy tale novel has a beginning. It might be called BREDLA AND THE RED VELVET ROSE. It begins thusly: “And do you know what else?” said Bredla, “I hate the colors around here. I should say I hate the no colors around here. There are gray rocks and white snow and […]



December 23, 2017

The incandescent bird monster scraped barnacles from the scow’s hull with its tongue. Howard missed the show, digging through garbage with his back turned to the river. Finally finding an acceptable rind, his pivot back to the river was too late, the incandescent bird monster having flown out of sight seconds earlier. On the following […]



December 17, 2017

The vile camel spat on the wall. It broke wind. It belched. ‘The meeting will now come to order,’ it said. The flunkies, grins cemented in place, nodded enthusiastically. The vile camel wiped its lips on the shoulder of nearest seated flunky. ‘Anybody have any objections to anything I say or do?’ asked the vile […]



December 5, 2017

Millard Fenwick, Quail at Law, ended his summation with an emphatic plume nod. The judge instructed the jury and sent them into seclusion to deliberate. Returning almost before they left, the jury forebird announced a verdict of not guilty. Millard Fenwick, Quail at Law, gave one triumphant plume nod to his client and hurried off […]



November 28, 2017

‘Describe the pain in your knee. Is it sharp? Dull? Does it throb?’ said the witch doctor. ‘Yes,’ said the witch. ‘It starts every Tuesday as a kind of long stabbing. Then it dulls on Wednesday and Thursday, throbs Friday, retreats until I think it’s gone on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Then Tuesday. Stab, stab, […]