September 23, 2009

The Continental Divide

One day an eight mile long section of the Continental Divide up and tore himself loose from the mountains in Colorado.

“I got a hankerin’ to see the Pacific Ocean,” he announced.

“Don’t go, Al. What’ll we do without you?” pleaded Brenda, the section of Continental Divide to Al’s left.

“You’ll figger somethin’,” said Al, moving off.

“Hey, Brenda. Forget about Al. Stretch on over. We can link up fer sure,” said Ace, the section of Continental Divide formerly to Al’s right.

Al felt the small quake linking Ace and Brenda as he moved down the mountainside. Good enough, he thought, good enough. Although he was an eight mile section of the Continental Divide, Al impressively moved with stealth across the land only at night during the following week. When he reached the mouth of the Umpqua River in Oregon, he looked out on the vastness of the Pacific Ocean.

“That there the Pacific?” Al asked the river.

“So they tell me,” replied the river.

“Sure nuff makes a body think,” said Al, and then all eight miles of him fell silent and enjoyed the view.

Moral: If you’re a hankerin’ to do somethin’, jest shut yer yap and do it.

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