March 25, 2010

The loon and the son of the loon acted in cahoots to produce the following blurb for the upcoming e-book, Bekka of Thorns.

On the world of Boad, Bekka and Karro of Thorns, a pair of young hedge-dwellers, dare to leave the tunnels and bowers of home to seek adventure in the Woeful Wanderers’ Wasteland. Their goal is to search the wasteland and find the lost city of Rumin — a strange choice for members of their clan, who stick close to the hedge and fear open spaces.  Karro is known throughout the hedge as a silly clown.  Bekka, ever watchful, never chatty, is called Silent Bekka by all.  Misfits among their own kind, Bekka and Karro are bonded as dearest friends.  Together they speculate about the identity of their parents, a piece of knowledge kept hidden from all hedge-dwellers.  Bekka, a lover of legend and lore, is determined to find the mythical underground city of Rumin and to meet her share of strange creatures, but she is afraid to go alone.  She talks Karro into accompanying her, and the two step outside the hedge for the first time in their lives. They have no idea that their journey through the Woeful Wanderers’ Wasteland will uncover a wonderful secret much closer to home.

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