June 21, 2011

Chapter One

Hurrying to foil the plans of the villain, Mabel leaps from the trestle to avoid the onrushing train.

Chapter Two

Mabel lands on the back of a friendly pterodactyl and is flown to safety. Later, she runs pell mell down the hill pursued by a herd of rhinos.

Chapter Three

Mabel falls through a crevice into the padded underground lair of a friendly merman, and the rhinos thunder by overhead. Later, she swims for her life carrying the merman on her back while she’s being pursued by twin anacondas and swept toward the falls.

Chapter Four

Mabel is sucked over the falls and plunges deep into the pool below where she arrives at the bubble city and is proclaimed Queen. The merman is proclaimed hat inspector. The villain’s plan is foiled. He gnashes his teeth.

The End

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