May 1, 2012
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The loon was most fortunate to meet this ent, a triffid ally here to participate in the upcoming triffid invasion and takeover of the earth. The loon, being the loon, more or less botched the interview.

LOON: Wow, you sure are tall. How tall are you?

ENT: 232 feet as the crow flies.

LOON: Do you eat honey?

ENT: No.

LOON: I eat honey. It’s good.

ENT: ………..

LOON: Do you hate birds landing on you and stuff?

ENT: No.

LOON: I got these new hiking shoes yesterday. They’re comfortable.

ENT: …………

LOON: Are you married?

ENT: No.

LOON: Me neither.

ENT: ………….

LOON: Well, guess I’ll be going now. See you later maybe.

ENT: Unless it’s after the invasion and you’re dead.

LOON: Okay.

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