January 27, 2013

Loon: Today is Lewis Carroll’s birthday, and the Lords of the Fourth Dimension have brought his ghost over for the 3 question interview. This is quite a treat for me since I forced my parents to take me to see Cinderella 4 times in one week 60 years ago. How did you get your ideas, Lewis?

Lewis Carroll’s ghost: Charles.

Loon: Expand a bit on that answer for our listeners, if you will. Someone named Charles fed you ideas you later used?

Lewis Carroll’s ghost: My name is Charles.

Loon: Wait a minute. I was supposed to get Lewis Carroll to interview here. What’s going on?

Lewis Carroll’s ghost (rolling his phantom eyes across the floor like marbles before disappearing): I wonder.

Loon: Come on, Lords, I hope you do better next week.

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