March 20, 2013


Upon a once time there dwelt in a queendom by the sea the loveliest of pinks. And she knew it, flaunted it, snobbed it endlessly up and down the strand. ‘Am I not lovely?’ she cried out to ptarmigans and flying whales cruising by in the sky. She shouted it to a huddle of distant crakes. She offered her high opinion of herself to a sea bass wearing a straw hat and strolling for a bit of fun on the beach.  The bass paused, doffed his hat. The lovely pink posed and preened. Snaff! The bass chewed thoughtfully. ‘Yes, by jove, lovely,’ he said aloud before dashing back into the sea and being consumed by a gelationous giant hormone squid.

Moral: Fish wearing a straw hat? Just walk away, no questions asked.

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