May 8, 2013

2013-05-02 12.00.36

The sasquatch and the triffid sat in the marsh  not only to wile away the hours discussing and eating their favorite vertebrates, but indeed to touch base on certain aspects of the overall invasion plan.

TRIFFID: I’m led to understand you’ll be in charge of the lake division. Pass me a rib.

SASQUATCH: Here you go. Yeah, that’s what they tell me. I figure we’ll meet up on Nevada beach and do whatever from there. You good with that? How ’bout a couple hooves to go with that rib?

TRIFFID: Thanks, but I couldn’t eat another, not even a weasel. The beach is good. We’ll bring the extra poison in sap bags.

SASQUATCH: Right. When we get the signal, we’ll bash at dawn.

TRIFFID: Dawn works for me.

SASQUATCH: Nice view, eh?

TRIFFID: The best.

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