September 8, 2013
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Loon: The subject for today’s 3 question interview needs no introduction. Introducing for your pleasure, Mr. Mark Twain, author of Tom Sawyer, Huckleberry Finn and many other Leatherstocking tales. Mr Twain, was it hard to keep that white suit clean?

Twain’s ghost (looming): This interview will be curtailed before it properly gets under way if that infernal word Leatherstocking isn’t struck from the record.

Loon (shrinking back, displaying a measure of fear): What’s wrong with Leatherstocking? They’re some of my favorites.

Twain’s ghost: Some men are chuckleheaded. Some are poltroons. But I do believe I am gazing upon a one of a kind chuckleheaded poltroon.

Loon (confidence regained): Thank you. About that suit. Did you ever get an ice cream stain on it?

Twain’s ghost: In the end, I suppose rumors of my demise weren’t overstated. This visit to Hades is concluded. (ascends) Livy, girls, make room on the cloud.

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