September 29, 2013

Loon: Today we greet Ingmar Bergman, a famous movie director known to one and to all, on the 3 Question Interview. Mr. Bergman, what was it like working with your sister Ingrid?

Bergman’s ghost: You jest, and though I scowl, you may interpret it as merriment.

Loon: Well then, let me try another. What was it like growing up in Norway?

Bergman’s ghost: You jest, and now my scowl is not so merry.

Loon: There was some sort of a movie about strawberries you made. How did you make a whole movie about strawberries?

Bergman’s ghost: It wasn’t easy. They were wild strawberries, you know. I jest. And now I must leave. You’ve interrupted a very important game of chess. (disappears)

Loon: See you next week, folks. Same time, same place.

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