October 13, 2013
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Loon: The Lords of the 4th Dimension tell me that this great big horse can answer questions yes or no by tapping once or twice with a hoof. Is this true?

Secretariat’s ghost: I suppose so if you want to be simplistic about it. Here’s a better idea. Why don’t I just talk instead?

Loon: Wow, you can talk. Did you ever talk when you were alive and racing?

Secretariat’s ghost: That’s a two tapper from the old hoof. Didn’t feel like talking when I was alive. What, I’m supposed to talk with you puny 2-leggers?

Loon: Er, um, well, did you like ice cream?

Secretariat’s ghost: What’s wrong with you? (turns tail, leaves.)

Loon (grinning uncomfortably): That’s it for today’s interview with a great big talking racehorse. I’ll probably be back next week … (looks up, pleads) … with a human ghost?

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