October 21, 2014

Nervous as a wreck was Carl. This very night he would be installed as the new Bright Lantern, head of SARIL. the Society to Advance the Righteous Indignation of Loons. He gazed into his closet and confronted his dilemma. Which of the two evening gowns hanging there would best punctuate the rite? The fishing gown or the combat gown? On one of the hands, the fishing gown with its many barbed lures was the picture of strapless elegance. On one of the other hands, the combat gown did boast a sequined holster. Carl’s eyes flicked left, right, left, right. Which? Which? Zafoo! was the sound an idea made bursting into Carl’s head. Carl smiled.

The installation of Carl as Bright Lantern went off beautifully. The membership mumbled incessantly about the glorious look of Carl in his caftan of many raccoons.

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